Remote Reiki Healing

Dear Clients
I hope you are safe and well.
I've had requests to offer remote Reiki healing during these unsettling times.
I have now a suitable way to offer sessions by phone or WhatsApp.
Please contact me for details and to schedule your appointment.
Warm regards, Janie

What I believe that my clients do not have to!

My belief is that when we are born we are given 100% positive energy that is all around us and little by little this is chipped away leaving us with negative energy. This negative energy leads us to be stressed mentally, emotionally and physically. I believe that with Rieki I have been trained to link to the positive energy and pass it through me and give it to my clients. This allows my clients to be the best they can be mentally, emotionally and physically.

Kind Words from Keith Butt at Keynance Veterinary Clinic SW7 4QP

Keith Butt VetMB cantab
"There are times as a vet when you are treating a sick animal that you feel you want a miracle, not necessarily a cure but a type of reassurance both for the animal and the owner. This can even be done within the security of home by Janie Hildebrand."

Refer A Friend

To my wonderful Clients
I have recently moved to a new home, just nine streets away, and I now have a dedicated Reiki room.
This enables me to help more people be the best they can be. Yeah!
I would like to thank everyone with this new loyalty card. For every new referral you will get one stamp on your card and with three stamps you will get a free session. Yeah!
Janie x

I Dont Know If I Can afford This?

I have just had a very interesting conversation with an old client of mine. We were discussing how we decide what we can afford in our lives. What makes us decide that say an item of clothing is too expensive. When do we decide that we cannot afford to buy that latest mobile phone - spending money on the 'must haves' that can give us a 'rush'. And when it comes to paying for something lasting in our lives, something that will not give us a transitory 'high' but will makes us feel good about ourselves, will improve us in so many ways, how do we choose? Are we scared to let go of the material items that have relieved our symptoms of stress, though only temporary? Reiki treament can balance out our moods, allow us to be level headed and always help us to be the best we can be. And that's not scary at all.


Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Well, the lovely people at Chiswick Life TV, the online local news site, offered me the chance to talk about what I do and so I did. After an unrestful night it actually all went quite well. Twenty minutes were cut down to three and only they know what the other 17 minutes were like! I think I was looking up a lot of the time in order to phase myself out of having a large camera and lights and people looking at me, expectantly at that! Well, see what you think.

'Avatar' and "borrowed energy"

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Yesterday I saw the film 'Avatar'. It was sensational to watch especially in 3D and on a massive screen. The story line was a little thin but I liked it very much nevertheless. One line that made me take notice at the time and has stayed with me since, is that the Avatars spoke about the energy that flowed between them all and the animals and plants on their planet. It was revolving and when someone or something died the energy was returned to the source, that it was "only borrowed".

The Journal of the Complementary Medical Association

Saturday, 6 February 2010

In the winter 20009/2010 edition of the Journal of the Complementary Medical Association, an article has commented on a new review by Dr Shamini Jain (UCLA), Dr Paul Mills (UCC) and the Moores Comprehensive Cancer Centre (San Diego) which has been published in Springers International Journal Of Behavioural Medicine.
They found that there was strong evidence that healing therapies including Reiki Healing work in reducing the intensity of pain in 'free-living' populations and to a lesser extent amongst hospitalised patients and patients with cancer.

Invest In Yourself

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

One of my clients was talking to me last night after a treatment about the benefits of Reiki and how she liked to come to me and she told me that she had felt that she had "to invest in myself".

Wildlife Aid

Saturday, 17 October 2009

I have just had a missive in from Simon Cowell, founder of Wildlife Aid who I have supported for over 20 years. As well as a top notch hospital at the sanctury Simon uses Reiki in helping the animals rest recuperate and go back to the wild.

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