Wildlife Aid

Saturday, 17 October 2009

I have just had a missive in from Simon Cowell, founder of Wildlife Aid who I have supported for over 20 years. As well as a top notch hospital at the sanctury Simon uses Reiki in helping the animals rest recuperate and go back to the wild.
A couple of things come to mind. Since the national lottery started less people give to charity and yet the lottery give no money to animal chartities. What are they supposed to do? Since this recession, less people are able to give to anything to charity. So again what are charities supposed to do? And Simon talks about the endangered bee and how this impacts on the food and animal chain. And again what are we all going to do?
Well if anyone wants to give to the charity or know someone who can, there is a link here on my website for Wildlife AId, so please do help.
You may have seen Wildlife Aid on the TV series 'Wildlife SOS'
Thanks, Janie