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pc back and pregnancy shotsSMALL2.jpg From problems with infertility to post natal depression, Reiki is a wonderful aid to mothers and partners. Reiki can never cause harm and is used in some hospitals in the United States and is now becoming available in the UK.

Reiki is wonderful for managing stress. For many reasons stress plays a huge part in our lives and certainly during this special time of planning, conceiving, carrying, giving birth and post natal problems that can, lets face it, last till the ‘baby’ has left home!

Reiki helps the mother by reducing anxiety, nausea, pain, insomnia, aches, exhaustion, and accelerating wound healing. Mother and baby benefit from regular Reiki sessions deepening the relationship between them even before birth.

With mothers body changing during pregnancy the energy balance is constantly changing too. This can show up physically and emotionally. Bringing positive energy to the mother can relieve these symptoms. The unborn baby is also changing constantly and his or her energy balance is also constanly under pressure.

Reiki can help deal with the fears new mothers can have, whether they will be able to cope. Reiki benefits mother and baby deepening their relationship and developing confidence in motherhood. The feelings of the partner cannot be overlooked either. Fears about being a good role model, provider and the adjustment to the new lifestyle can all benefit from Reiki sessions.

Caring for a newborn can be a drain on both parents and Reiki can help to balance their energy levels. Calm parents usually make for a calm baby. And of course the baby will benefit from Reiki with all the changes baby goes through too.